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About Correspondent

CorrespondentSmt. Palle Uma Reddy, the Correspondent & Secretary of Balaji Educational Society can be accented as one of the major factors that has the capability of exercising power on the entire decision making regarding the society. She is a bachelor of Arts from the ostensible ARTS college. She is a native of Anantapur and is fourth daughter of Sri.K.Rami Reddy & K.Ananthamma.

After married to Mr.Raghunath Reddy on 10th October of 1979, she didn't have to look back, she just took off. She can be described as personification of generosity & integrity. She has her own cultivated way of managing the society as the correspondent & secretary. She plays a vigorous & requisite role in the decision making.

She is a caring wife, devoted parent & not to mention a disciplined correspondent & secretary. She has always been very approving towards Mr.Raghunath Reddy, Director of Balaji Society, at the time of exigency.

Mr.Reddy always narrates her as the key to his success and she really is...

Correspondent Message

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Sri Krishnadevaraya College of Agricultural Sciences, Anantapuram!!!!!

SKCAS strongly believes that education is not just a mere act of teaching-learning, but aims and puts relentless efforts in training, guiding, motivating and leading young men and women in the ever expanding horizon of insatiable thirst for knowledge .

Here is the place where we mould students into industry ready engineers by providing leadership development, mentoring in technical education and empowering our young women to be the architects of change in the world of technology. We also strive to inculcate human values, ethics, and respect for tradition along with lot of emphasis on decency, dignity and life skills to meet the challenges of the world.

Wish you all the very best

Smt Palle Uma Reddy